Our Mission

Mission Statement:

To support the youth and inspire individuals to turn their dreams into reality.  By reaching their full potential through hard work, consistency and realizing, “It’s only getting better…”

Vision Statement:

To educate the community on how to be proactive about their daily finances, the benefits of cycling as a lifestyle, and the power of positive thinking.

Values Statement:

Our purpose is to serve the community by providing opportunities to help youth and families learn skills necessary to achieving their goals. By motivating people to get active within their communities and adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

The primary focuses of the foundation are: bicycling safety education, holistic health solutions, financial literacy for students and their families.

Peddling Produce

The “Peddling Produce” program will team up with local farmer’s markets and food pantries in Philadelphia to deliver healthy organic fruits/vegetables to individuals/families in need of assistance. Also, providing educational materials on how to create healthy meals within their budget. Click Here

  1. Cyclists will deliver fruits, vegetables and other organic/natural goods to seniors, TANF/SNAP participants, WIC program mothers, and low income families to ensure proper diet choices.
  2. Educational seminars and health fairs will be hosted to inform the community on various types of holistic options for living healthier lives.
  3. Cyclists will team up with local farmers to help build, maintain and harvest crops seasonally.

Ride Right Fund

This fund will pursue three main components of bicycle safety on and off the road. The goal is to create awareness for bikers and increase safety on the road for drivers alongside cyclists.

  1. Defensive riding classes for cyclists and free safety gear upon completion of course. Advocating for point reduction or insurance credit for drivers who complete coursework and receive certificates.
  2. “Biker Buddies” creating a network for cyclists to create biking goals and other workout routines to maintain healthier lifestyles. Also as a safety precaution for new bikers.
  3. Supporting legislations to increase biker protection and rights.Click Here

Donate Life Fund

This fund will support Gift of Life Donor Program to help educate the community on the importance of being a registered eye, organ and tissue donor. Jamal’s gift of life improved and saved several lives. The choice was an easy one because his of values;but it is a decision no family wants to make without being certain. By hosting educational events and providing in home personal consultations; we can save more lives. Also, the comfort of knowing a loved one is living on through another is truly a gift that lasts a lifetime. Click Here

The “Only Getting Better” Scholarship/Internship Program

We are proposing a partnership with Drexel University and University of Pennsylvania to help facilitate the “Only Getting Better” internship. This venture will provide students with financial need the opportunity to balance academics, work and a healthy lifestyle. Jamal worked and participated in athletics all his life from little league baseball to high school champion football. In college he continued to focus on self-improvement and maintained a health is wealth attitude. He worked at Drexel and UPenn gym facilities throughout the course of 10 years in Philadelphia.

It was atmosphere of the gym that fostered Jamal’s interest in holistic health and drove his passion of consistent care for the human body physically as well as mentally. The creation of this internship will provide the same exposure for students to pursue the course of self-improvement and focus necessary for academic success. Funds from the scholarship will enable awardees to pay for classes, books/materials and athletic or health needs.

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